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7 Excellent Cleveland Children’s Museum Exhibits + Visitor Tips

If you’re staying in Cleveland with your kids, you can’t afford to miss the Cleveland Children’s Museum. This one-of-a-kind Ohio museum combines play and education in a way that draws thousands of visitors from all over the country. Here’s everything you need to know for your next visit. 

About the Children’s Museum of Cleveland

The Cleveland Children’s Museum has been a central part of the city since it was first established in 1981. Its goal is to provide a place where children can explore, play, and learn and become curious, intelligent, and creative adults. 

The museum features a variety of child-friendly, interactive exhibits. Each has a specific theme, offering unique challenges and lessons that kids can learn in a close setting. The combination of education and play allows kids to learn through physical experiences.

Because of the unique offerings at the Cleveland Children’s Museum, it has been a favorite destination in Cleveland for decades. Also, it’s ADA accessible, has sensory features, and can accommodate other visitors with special needs.

Cleveland Children’s Museum - Cleveland, Ohio - Cleveland Children's Museum
Cleveland Children’s Museum | photo via @missesmcgoober

Location, Hours, & Tickets

The museum is located at 3813 Euclid Ave in Cleveland. It’s open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., as well as Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The museum is closed on Thursdays.

As of April 2022, The Cleveland Children’s Museum requires reservations for timed ticket sessions and guided rentals. You can get more information and reserve your ticket time on the museum’s website.

Exhibits & Things to Do at the Cleveland Children’s Museum

The museum features seven exhibits made for kids aged 0 to 8. Each one lets kids get physically into the exhibit as a unique environment where they can explore and learn. There are also reading nooks with books galore!

Adventure City

In this playscape “city,” kids can climb and learn about the many different buildings and spaces that make a communal living space. They can engage in imaginative play by pretending to be a mechanic, construction worker, grocer, or doctor.

Cleveland Children’s Museum - Cleveland, Ohio - Cleveland Children's Museum
Cleveland Children’s Museum | photo via @mamavitt

Wonder Lab

This kid-friendly science lab is where children can observe and participates in experiments, such as building on a magnetic wall and experimenting with whirlpools.

Kids seem to love this room because they can play in water tables, run experiments, and have fun with bubbles, steam, scarves, tubes, and other instruments. 


Featuring a real stage and backstage area, kids can put on shows to their hearts’ content. In the backstage area, they’ll find a lighted mirror, costumes, and props to get ready for the show. They can put on solo performances or plan shows as groups.

Cleveland Children’s Museum - Cleveland, Ohio - Cleveland Children's Museum
Cleveland Children’s Museum | photo via @mamavitt


This infant and toddler exhibit is a safe area filled with sensory attractions. Young children are welcome to explore the unique environment made just for them. The room features soft climbing toys such as ramps, tunnels, slides, and stairs. There’s also a sensory wall, magnet wall, and stacking wall.

Arts & Parts

In this communal art room, kids can make their own artwork or add parts to a community project. The exhibit is made to help them combine science and creativity. Children can participate in free crafts and explore the tinker section that’s filled with artistic tools to help them create.

Cleveland Children’s Museum - Cleveland, Ohio - Cleveland Children's Museum
Cleveland Children’s Museum | photo via @mamavitt


The music room lets kids experiment with instruments and imagine what it’s like to play one for a crowd. The stage includes a light show that gives them the opportunity to play with their shadows too. Meanwhile, the music playlist includes genres like classical, folk, pop, and cultural music.

Make Miniatures

The top floor of the museum is dedicated to dollhouses and miniatures. Here, kids can explore and learn all about what it takes to make these tiny, perfect replicas. In addition, they have the chance to create their own miniatures and engage in a scavenger hunt throughout the exhibit.

Cleveland Children’s Museum - Cleveland, Ohio - Cleveland Children's Museum
Cleveland Children’s Museum | photo via @mamavitt

More Things to Do Near the Children’s Museum of Cleveland

Cleveland is home to countless attractions and activities. Here are some of the top things to do the next time you’re visiting the city!

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland along the shore of Lake Erie. Here, you can learn about the most famous musicians of the modern age and see exhibits dedicated to the most influential songs in rock ’n’ roll. Music lovers and historians alike will enjoy it! 

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland - Things to See Before You Die, Columbus Day Trips, Ohio Museums, Cleveland Children's Museum
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | photo via @wheresraetoday

Cleveland Botanical Garden

If you love plants, visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden. This stunning collection is available to tour at any time of the year thanks to the indoor exhibits that shelter both native and tropical plants. The exhibits rotate seasonally, so there’s something new no matter when you decide to go.

A Christmas Story House

If you grew up watching the holiday classic “A Christmas Story,” stop by the Christmas Story House! This building was the set of the movie, and it’s located right in Cleveland! The home has been remade into an exact replica of Ralphie’s house and is a museum open for tours.

"A Christmas Story" House, Cleveland - Winter Festivals, Cleveland Children's Museum
“A Christmas Story” House | photo via @robby_robinette

Where to Eat Near the Cleveland Children’s Museum

Mabel’s BBQ

Mabel’s BBQ is a trendy restaurant for meat lovers. First opened in 2016, the eatery offers a space for everyone, from an indoor bar to outdoor picnic tables where kids can run. The menu features brisket, kielbasa, pork belly, fried potatoes, baked beans, and apple pie.

Taza Lebanese Grill

Taza is a cozy Middle Eastern eatery located in the heart of the Cleveland Warehouse District. Here, you’ll find a huge menu of authentic Lebanese dishes. Menu favorites include chicken shawarma, kibbie, the “Tour of Lebanon” sampler (both classic and vegetarian), lamb, falafel, grape leaves, and more.

Grumpy's Cafe - Cleveland, Ohio - Cleveland Children's Museum
Grumpy’s Cafe | photo via @morenalinda216

Grumpy’s Cafe

If you’re looking for comfort food in Cleveland, it doesn’t get much better than Grumpy’s Cafe. This family-owned restaurant serves classic American favorites in a cozy setting. You’ll find breakfast items galore, delicious club sandwiches, pulled pork, jambalaya, burgers, salads, signature bowls, and more.

Where to Stay Near the Children’s Museum of Cleveland

Stone Gables Inn

Stone Gables Inn is a cozy bed and breakfast in a historic mansion dating from 1883. It features five rooms for guests and is located close to the West Side Market and many of Cleveland’s best places to eat. The rooms include whirlpool tubs, Wi-Fi, and other amenities.

Condo Vacation Rental

There are many great vacation rentals in Cleveland, such as this exceptional modern condo in the downtown area. It offers easy access to some of the top destinations in the city, including restaurants, the Warehouse District, museums, and more. It’s also only a five-minute walk from the beach too!

Woodside Lake Park - Streetsboro, Ohio - Cleveland Children's Museum
Woodside Lake Park | photo via @tantsits

Woodside Lake Park

If you prefer to camp on your vacation, you can find great campsites around Cleveland. Woodside Lake Park is one of the best.

This family-friendly campsite offers cabin rentals and many amenities, including a convenience store, playground, restrooms, and RV hookup sites. It’s rural and peaceful but still close to the activity of the city! 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Clevenaldn Children’s Museum

How Much is a membership to the Cleveland Children’s Museum?

Admission fees aren’t high at the Children’s Museum of Cleveland. If you plan to visit often, though, it may be worth buying a membership.

The museum offers three membership plans, starting at $80 a year. Memberships include either half-price admission or free unlimited admission for immediate family members.

Are Museums in Cleveland Free?

Cleveland is home to many museums. Though many of them have admission fees, including the Cleveland Children’s Museum, others are free to the public!

The Cleveland Museum of Art and the Reinberger Gallery, for instance, don’t charge admission. Other venues, like the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, have free days throughout the year.

Plan Your Visit to the Cleveland Children’s Museum

If you have a little one who loves to learn, or if you’re just trying to occupy your kids for a morning, the Children’s Museum of Cleveland is unmissable. With so many things to see and explore, it’s no surprise that this museum remains a longstanding favorite.

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