7 Best Breweries in Cincinnati + the Complete List of Greater Cincinnati Breweries [w/ map]

It’s an understatement to say that Cincinnati is a beer town. In the city and surrounding area are about 80 Cincinnati breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms that serve locally made brews and more. Many of them have popped up over the last 10 to 15 years.

Although it was difficult, we’ve selected 7 Cincinnati breweries that we think are the best breweries in Cincinnati that locals and visitors should frequent this year…

Rebel Mettle Brewery - Cincinnati
Rebel Mettle Brewery [closed June 2022] | photo via @oldfashionedsandnachos

Our 7 Favorite Cincinnati Breweries

Northern Row Brewery & Distillery

Although it took a little while for Northern Row Brewery & Distillery to get up and running, the wait has been well worth it. The brewery started distributing its brews in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020 that its taproom opened.

In early 2021, the company launched its first spirits — Five Stories. On top of that, it has a small winery. That’s beer, spirits, and wine all under one roof!

The taproom at Northern Row is full of history. The decor makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to pre-prohibition, which is exactly what the owners were going for. Every corner features something with a story that you’ll want to know.

At the large Northern Row bar is a varied lineup of modern craft beer, traditional lagers, cocktails, and more. For a bite to eat, you can order from a unique menu of salads, sandwiches, potpies, chili mac, and more.

Esoteric Brewing Co.

One of the several socially conscious Cincinnati breweries, Esoteric Brewing Co. aims to create beers that make a profound impact. To that end, the brewery only uses pure, locally grown, and sourced ingredients.

The crew believes that craft beer should be elegant like fine wine, and the master brewer has spent many years honing his skills. The craft brews pay homage to traditional, old-world American, Belgian, English, and German styles of beer.

The Esoteric taproom in Walnut Hills is more of a brew lounge than a taproom. It’s pretty sophisticated and swanky. When you first step in, you’ll see the bar in front of you and varied seating to each side — tables with ottomans or chairs, fancy booths, and bench-like couches along the front windows.

This is one of the best Cincinnati breweries with outdoor seating available, and you can order food from the menu.

Esoteric Brewing Co. | photo via @bryandesch

Bircus Brewing Company

Located in Ludlow, Kentucky, Bircus Brewing Company is genuinely unique. It’s already in the name, which is a combination of beer and circus, and you can see why as soon as you walk in.

Head ringmaster and owner Paul Miller has a passion for the circus and was able to open the taproom in 2017. The following year, the Bircus “Big Top” taproom and theater opened. Another unique aspect is that anyone can invest in the brewery and become a partial owner.

Inside Bircus (the former Ludlow Theater) is an open room brewery with high ceilings and a big bar. Past that, you can see the “big top” — the space that hosts circus acts, live music, and other entertainment. VIP seating is available in the balconies.

All of the beer names are a tribute to the former Ludlow Lagoon amusement park, which used to be where this Greater Cincinnati brewery is now.

Bircus Brewing Company | photo via @sepia_heyday

Humble Monk Brewing Co.

Despite having less funding than most of the other Cincinnati breweries on this list, Humble Monk Brewing Co. (formerly Rabbit Hash Brewery) specializes in high-quality craft beer.

It took about two years for the brewery to get off its feet and open in 2019. But by the end of that year, the father-and-son founders launched the first bottle release of Thresher, a wheat wine.

With Belgian influence, Humble Monk makes a decent variety of delicious beer. It has eight or so taps in the taproom, which has an inviting and warm environment.

The room doesn’t have the bells and whistles that you’ll see in other taprooms, but the decor plays off the brewing style well. In fact, most of the seats are repurposed church pews. Along with your beer, you can order from NYPD Pizza and various food trucks.

Humble Monk Brewing Co. | photo via @humblemonkbrewing

Alexandria Brewing Company

Brewing with Cincinnati tradition in Alexandria, Kentucky, Alexandria Brewing Company opened in 2018 after launching a Kickstarter in 2016.

Along with being located in a small town, the brewery is a small 5-bbl producer that creates everything from New England IPAs to German beers to traditional lagers to barrel-aged stouts.

The Alexandria taproom is divided into three distinct sections. The front is more like a restaurant, the middle has a barn bar atmosphere, and the back is a traditional brewery space that overlooks the brewhouse. The backroom features retro and traditional arcade games for kids and adults alike.

Behind the bar is a great mix of brews, so everyone will find something that they like. The on-site restaurant, Peculiar Grill, serves flatbreads, burgers, and options for vegetarian and vegan diets. Wine and cocktails are available too.

Alexandria Brewing Company | photo via @kentuckybypaddle

Fibonacci Brewing Company

Among the dozens of Cincinnati breweries, Fibonacci Brewing Company has a truly unique identity. It opened in 2015 as a proud nanobrewery with no ambition to grow into something more.

The goal is to maintain the farm-to-tap environment created at its 1-bbl brewhouse. This vision includes an urban farm dubbed Fib Farm, which opened in 2019 with goats. That’s where the ingredients for the beer are grown. In addition to beer, the brewery makes cider, mead, seltzer, and wine.

The Fibonacci taproom was previously used for a florist, and it shows. But the team’s passion for nature and science shines through. The brewhouse is in the basement, so the taproom is bright and airy.

On the Fib Farm property are a second taproom and a beer garden that serves as a garden for ingredients and a wonderful hangout spot. There’s even an on-site Airbnb!

MPH Brewing

Formally known as Montgomery Public House, MPH Brewing opened its bar and patio areas in 2020 just a few months after starting construction. However, the company began to form in 2018 after partner Bill Bolger developed a passion for Belgian wit, English, German, Irish, Scottish, and other beers while traveling Europe.

Part of his objective was to brew the European styles that he grew to love so much. Soon after, he partnered with Left Hand Brewing to get off the ground.

The MPH taproom is a large space with a bar to one side, which serves MPH and Left Hand brews. Because of that, there’s a wide variety of craft beers on tap.

On the other side is a long counter that separates the room from the kitchen, which makes appetizers and wood-fired pizzas. There are some tables behind the bar for hanging out, as well as a large patio area, providing outdoor seating at this Cincinnati brewery.

MPH Brewing | photo via @mcremeans

The Complete List of Greater Cincinnati Breweries

The 8 breweries above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to awesome beer in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. Since it was so hard to narrow down our favorites, we decided to create a complete list of 78 Greater Cincinnati breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms.

Plus, we’ve put together a Cincinnati breweries map to help you find a “Cincinnati brewery near me” no matter where you’re drinking!

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13 Below Brewery

7391 Forbes Rd, Cincinnati, OH

With 50 years of combined brewing experience, 13 Below Brewery was opened in the Pendleton neighborhood by three passionate cousins and one friend. Amid its broad beer menu, some favorites include the West Coast IPA, Gravensteen traditional ale, and Lock & Dam #37 scotch ale. The taproom is a great hangout spot because it’s so large.

13 Below Brewery | photo via @13belowbrewery

16 Lots Brewing Company

753 Reading Rd, Mason, OH

The first craft brewery to open in Mason, 16 Lots Brewing Company has a 2,000-square-foot taproom and a wide selection of brews. There are always 16 on tap, and the Soak City IPA, The Major Pilsner, and Pike Street IPA are a few local favorites. In addition to ordering food from the in-house Mad Monks Pizza kitchen, the taproom features darts, shuffleboard, and video games.

16 Lots Brewing Company | photo via @mrgonev6

Alexandria Brewing Company

7926 Alexandria Pike #1, Alexandria, KY

In 2018, Alexandria Brewing Company opened after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The small 5-bbl brewery produces everything from traditional lagers to barrel-aged stouts. A few that stand out are the ‘Till the Battle Is Won IPA, All Up In Your Berliner sour, and Go Hop Yourself IPA. In the back of the taproom are retro and traditional arcade games, and food is served from the on-site Peculiar Grill.

Alexandria Brewing Company | photo via @kentuckybypaddle

Bad Tom Smith Brewing

5900 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH

In the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood, Bad Tom Smith Brewing is named after an infamous criminal who terrorized Eastern Kentucky and was eventually hanged. All of the beers have related names, such as Fink Red Rye, Bad Tom Smith American brown ale, and Hazy River New England IPA. The brewery makes bourbons too, and the taproom transports you into Smith’s era (the late 1800s).

Banana Hammock Brewing

4811 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH

Located in the basement of Wiedemann’s, Banana Hammock Brewing is a local microbrewery that makes authentic German beers. It’s known for its Monkey’s Dunkel lager, BHB Helles Lager, and BHB König Caleb Imperial IPA. The brewer doesn’t have a taproom, but you can find its brews on tap around town and at festivals like Oktoberfest.

Big Ash Brewing

5230 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Bringing a unique concept to the Turpin Hills neighborhood of Anderson Township in 2019, Big Ash Brewing features self-serve beer, wine and cider. In the Skytop Pavilion, it has 28 taps and charges by the ounce. Some favorites include Backbeat Coffee Blonde, Vanilla Cream ale, and Dreaming Cows stout. You can build your own pizza as well.

Big Ash Brewing | photo via @thetabletap

Bircus Brewing Co.

322 Elm St, Ludlow, KY

With a concept inspired by the owner’s passion for the circus, Bircus Brewing Co. is a craft brewery and circus located in the old Ludlow Theater in Kentucky. The large space gives you room to sit and enjoy a drink while watching live entertainment, including circus performances. The Showman IPA, Comic Walrus Cranberry-Ginger golden ale, and Juggleoats IPA are a few local favorites.

Bircus Brewing Company | photo via @sepia_heyday

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

2631 Edmondson Rd, Cincinnati, OH

Located at Rockwood Commons in Norwood, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse is a brewery and restaurant that originated in Southern California. Some of the brews it’s known for are the HopStorm IPA, Jeremiah Red ale, and Piranha Pale Ale. The restaurant has a full food menu of iconic deep dish pizzas, chicken, steak, ribs, and more.

Other locations for these Greater Cincinnati breweries:

  • 11700 Princeton Pike, Cincinnati, OH
  • 7852 Mall Road, Florence, KY
BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse | photo via @simonedisse

Brausch Brewery

1030 S South St, Wilmington, OH

Offering craft food and drinks, Brausch Brewery is a small brewery that’s very active on its Facebook page. The brewery updated its kitchen in 2021, and it makes flagship and seasonal brews. Some popular ones include the Wilmington Lager, Red Whiskey Lager, and Belgian Sour Apple fruit beer.

Brausch Brewery | photo via @toodrunks

Braxton Barrel House

5 Orphanage Rd, Fort Mitchell, KY

Dedicated to making barrel-aged beer, the Braxton Barrel House has some unique brews that you can sample. More than 20 beers are available on draft, and a couple popular ones are the Dark Charge Coffee & Vanilla stout and the Rye Whiskey BA Graeter’s Pumpkin Pie spiced/herbed beer.

Braxton Brewing Co. — Cincinnati

331 E 13th St, Cincinnati, OH

At Braxton Brewing Company’s Cincinnati taproom, you can try a range of beers of tap. Some of its highest-rated beers are the Port Ex BBA Old Ale, Time Is A Flat Circle stout, and BA French Toast stout. The taproom features seating at the bar, an open window, and booths.

Braxton Brewing Co. — Covington

27 W 7th St, Covington, KY

Among the many Greater Cincinnati breweries, Braxton Brewing Company’s taproom in Covington, Kentucky, is a local favorite. The taproom has a really nice feel, and there’s a rooftop beer garden that transforms into an igloobar during the winter. Some popular brews to try include the Storm cream ale, Tropic Flare IPA, and Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Milk Stout.

Braxton Brewing Co. — Covington | photo via @thecraftbeermonger

BrewDog Cincinnati

316 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH

Based in Scotland, BrewDog was founded in 2007 and produces a varied selection of lagers and ales. You can get a taste at its BrewDog Cincinnati location, which is just one of seven in the United States and has a spacious taproom. A lot of people like to get the 5AM Saint red ale, Jet Black Heart stout, and Elvis Juice 6.5% IPA. The food menu is pretty epic as well.

BrewDog Cincinnati | photo via @dannielleincincy

Brink Brewing Co.

5905 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH

In the College Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Brink Brewing Co. has been pleasing beer enthusiasts since 2017. The community-focused brewery has won several awards at the Great American Brewery Festival. Some of its highest-rated brews are the Double BA Family Ties Scottish ale, Brinkinator – Eisbock, and Martyrita (Pineapple+Chili Pepper) sour.

Cartridge Brewing

1411 Grandin Rd, Maineville, OH

Located in the historic Peters Cartridge Factory in Kings Mills on the banks of the Little Miami River, Cartridge Brewing celebrates traditional craft beer. It offers a selection of easy-drinking and old-world beer styles, all of which are brewed in the on-site 15-bbl brewhouse. The taproom has a full bar and full-service kitchen. Locals recommend trying the Leaded W/ Chickory, Holster W/ Chocolate stout, and Opening Salvo IPA.

Cartridge Brewing | photo via @youcanmakethistoo

Cellar Dweller by Valley Vineyards

2276 East US 22 & 3, Morrow, OH

Part of the Valley Vineyards operation, Cellar Dweller is the brand of beer that the vineyard makes. When you visit, you get more than just beer. You get food and wine too. Some popular brews from its brewmasters include the Goes-Rita sour, Bourbon Barreled Mead, and Cappucino Tiramasu Hopewell’s Oatmeal Stout.

Cellar Dweller by Valley Vineyards | photo via @cellardweller_brewing

Christian Moerlein Brewing Company — Lager House

115 Joe Nuxhall Way Cincinnati, OH

With a full restaurant and beer garden, the Moerlein Lager House is located in Smale Riverfront Park. The upscale spot produces a full line of craft brews and serves food reminiscent of 19th-century beer gardens. You may like the Dragon’s Milk stout, Alpha King pale ale, or Gumballhead wheat beer.

Christian Moerlein Brewing Company — Lager House | photo via @travelingfit_alpha

Christian Moerlein Brewing Company — Malt House

1621 Moore Street, Cincinnati, OH

An award-winning craft brewery, Christian Moerlein Brewing Company has a fairly new Malt House in the Over-the-Rhine district. Inside is an authentic 19th-century brewery and taproom. Some of its top flavorful beers include the OTR red ale, Bay of Bengal IPA, and Third Wave IPA.

Cincy Brewing Company

607 Shepherd Dr #5, Cincinnati, OH

Focusing on various craft beers, Cincy Brewing Company offers everything from IPAs to stouts to easy-drinking ales. The Lockland brewery also makes an Experimental Series, the first of which was the XPMT-001 Hazy IPA. A few favorites that are produced include the Branch Hill Bender coffee stout, Mad Anthony red IPA, and 4 Locks lager.

Cincy Brewing Company | photo via @cincybrewingco

The Common Beer Co.

126 E Main St, Mason, OH

Since 2018, The Common Beer Co. has been a nanobrewery that creates brightly flavored beers in a welcoming space. The team likes to produce unique flavors and only uses the best local ingredients. While you’re in the taproom, consider trying The Lortz Prayer IPA, Come Together strong bitter, or Maggs 59 honey beer. You can order wine, liquor, hard cider, and nonalcoholic drinks as well.

The Common Beer Co. | photo via @denx

Crooked Handle Brewing Co.

760 N Main St, Springboro, OH

Craft brewing has been a passion of Crooked Handle Brewing Co. since 2015. The taproom always has 14 beers on draft, and a few popular ones are the Roadside Peanut Butter Porter, Trinity Haze IPA, and Short Fuze IPA. On Fridays, you can also enjoy cider, wine, signature cocktails, premium spirits, and made-from-scratch dishes while listening to live music.

Crooked Handle Brewing Co. | photo via @beerme.17

Darkness Brewing

224 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue, KY

Opened in 2016 after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Darkness Brewing specializes in making dark and unusual beers. The Hop Head Nebula IPA and Toastonut IPA are a couple of popular choices. Despite that, the nanobrewery has some lighter options too, like the Bellevue Common ale. The taproom is open every day, including Sunday brunch.

Darkness Brewing | photo via @dominicshaheen

Dead Low Brewing

5959 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Situated on the Ohio River in the small, easternmost neighborhood of California, Dead Low Brewing is a craft brewery with a large taproom and on-site restaurant. There’s a wide selection of beers on tap, but the Thalweg German Pilsner, The Escobar lager, and Ghost Brewer New England IPA are a few of the brewery’s popular options. The food menu features pizza, sandwiches, wings, and more.

DogBerry Brewing

9964 Crescent Park Dr, West Chester Township, OH

Making handcrafted ales and lagers, DogBerry Brewing has had a taproom in West Chester Township since 2015. The nanobrewery uses local ingredients in order to achieve truly local flavors. You could have a Supernova (Habanero) stout, Single Hop Nugget pale ale, or Zestic Lemon Strawberry IPA when you visit the large taproom.

DogBerry Brewing | photo via @denx

Esoteric Brewing Co.

918 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH

In the well-known Paramount building in Walnut Hills, you’ll find Esoteric Brewing Co. The social-conscious brewery has been creating old-world beers using locally sourced and grown ingredients. The taproom is like a brew lounge with a unique setup. Some highly rated drinks include the Dry-Hopped Celestial pale ale, Black Bouquet brown ale, and Valkyrie Norwegian IPA.

Esoteric Brewing Co. | photo via @bryandesch

Fibonacci Brewing Company

1445 Compton Rd, Cincinnati, OH

A microbrewery in Mt. Healthy, Fibonacci Brewing Company is very distinct in that it has a 1-bbl brewhouse, urban farm (Fib Farm) with goats, and an on-site Airbnb. Because it has a farm and functional beer garden, it can grow many of the ingredients that it needs for its beers. The Tollhouse stout, Earth Daisy IPA, and Dummy Tripel Belgian tripel are a few popular options.

Fifty West Brewing Company

7605 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227

Stylized 50W, Fifty West Brewing Company is a full-service brewpub located on U.S. Route 50, which passes through 12 states. While you’re in the taproom, you might like the Punch You In The EyePA imperial IPA, Coast to Coast IPA, or Doom Pedal witbier. After your drink, head across the street to the Fifty West Production Works, which offers a range of recreational activities.

Fifty West Brewing Company | photo via @snixon67

FigLeaf Brewing Company

3387 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, Middletown, OH

Acquired by March First Brewing in 2019, FigLeaf Brewing Company remains a craft brewery with an unbridled passion. The taproom is located in an industrial park and is very spacious. Some craft brews that many people like include the Iso-Trope IPA, Ponderous Porter, and Basmati Cream Ale. If you wish, order pizza with your drink.

FigLeaf Brewing Company | photo via @kittagram_eats_317

Firehouse Grill & Brewery

4785 Lake Forest Dr, Cincinnati, OH

In Blue Ash, Firehouse Grill & Brewery is a new contender in town that brews all of its beers on site. The small brewery has been featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Gnarly Gnome blog, and WCPO news. Along with food specials and live music, visitors seem to like the Flightpath IPA, Blue Ash Brown ale, and Hazelwood Hazy IPA the most.

Fretboard Brewing Company

5800 Creek Rd, Cincinnati, OH

The large taproom at Fretboard Brewing Company is a music lover’s paradise. Every weekend, there’s a rock ’n’ roll group on the stage. This spot has a large bar and a lot of tables for drinking with friends as well. Some favorites on the tap include Cool Meditation BA Imperial Stout, Leggo Beast stout, and Fugee brown ale. For food, you can order barbecue from Smoked Out Cincy in the building.

Fretboard Brewing Company | photo via @rivalrybrews

Fretboard Brewing & Public House

103 Main St, Hamilton, OH

More like a restaurant with awesome pub fare, the Fretboard Brewing & Public House offers several award-winning beers on tap. Some favorites are the Improv IPA, Reba blonde ale, and Trey red ale. You can even order craft cocktails and wine, and there’s nothing like eating and drinking on the roof.

Fretboard Brewing & Public House | photo via @drinkingdiningdione

Grainworks Brewing Company

7790 Service Center Dr, West Chester Township, OH

North of Cincinnati in West Chester Township, Grainworks Brewing Company is a microbrewery opened in 2017 by three longtime friends. Together, they create a variety of flavorful beers. When you visit their industrial yet welcoming taproom, consider asking for the Poundsign Nofilter IPA, My Blue Heaven fruit beer, or Rusty Bumper brown ale.

Great Crescent Brewery

315 Importing St, Aurora, IN

Resting on the Ohio River in historic Aurora, Indiana, Great Crescent Brewery uses traditional brewing methods with no chemical clarifying or filtering. The family-owned, small-batch brewery is actually housed in a former distillery, and the taproom has a very homey, comfortable feel. Some of its top brews are the Coconut Porter, Dark Lager Schwarzbier, and classic India Pale Ale.

Great Crescent Brewery | photo via @greatcrescentbeer

Happy 2 Brewing Company

8298 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH

Operating from Mio’s Pizza in Anderson Township, Happy 2 Brewing Company is a nanobrewery that opened in 2019. Although it’s fairly new among the many Cincinnati breweries and took a while to get running, the brewery has been quenching locals’ thirst since day one. The Also Amber lager, Cloudy Clough Pike IPA, and Vision IPA are popular brews.

HighGrain Brewery Company

6860 Plainfield Rd, Cincinnati, OH

Opened in 2019, HighGrain Brewery Company is situated in Silverton, becoming the first brewpub in the village. The brewery focuses on quality and sustainability, which involves using wind and geothermal energy to produce its old-world beers. Its Monarch IPA, Isar Weiss wheat beer, and Super Trouper IPA are popular. The taproom menu includes wine and pub food as well.

HighGrain Brewery Company | photo via @christian_t_ott

Hofbräuhaus Newport

200 3rd St, Newport, KY

With a full restaurant and beer garden, Hofbräuhaus Newport was the first U.S. location of the German-based Hofbräuhaus München beer hall. True to its roots, the microbrewery produces traditional biers using 400+-year-old recipes from the Duke of Bavaria. The interior feels like Oktoberfest all year. It always serves an Original Lager, Hefe Weizen wheat beer, and Dunkel lager alongside monthly seasonal beers.

Hofbräuhaus Newport | photo via @rggdoutdrsytype

Humble Monk Brewing Company

1641 Blue Rock St, Cincinnati, OH

In the eclectic Northside of Cincinnati, Humble Monk Brewing Company is an environmentally conscious brewery that makes high-quality beer with Belgian influence. The inviting taproom has more than eight taps, and some popular brews include the Haze Goggles IPA, Rapture stout, and Pancake Porter. You can get food from various food trucks and NYPD Pizza.

Humble Monk Brewing Co. | photo via @humblemonkbrewing

Karrikin Spirits Co.

3717 Jonlen Dr, Cincinnati, OH

With a 1,000-gallon capacity, Karrikin Spirits Co. has the largest copper pot still in Ohio, which it uses to make a wide range of spirits. Opened in 2018 in Fairfax by seven founding members, the company is also a brewery and restaurant. You can enjoy a farm-to-table meal with one of its popular brews — Citra IPA, Pils, or Hazy IPA.

Karrikin Spirits Co. | photo via @karrikinspiritsco

Listermann Brewing Company

1621 Dana Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Starting as a homebrew shop in 1995, Listermann Brewing Company opened its first brewery and taproom in Evanston in 2008. Then in 2012, the company launched Triple Digit, a high gravity brand. It makes edgy beers — such as the Triple Digit Chickow! brown ale, Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter, and Shamrock Shake stout — and has won several awards.

Listermann Brewing Company | photo via @jennie_k502

Listermann Brewing Trail House

3701 Montgomery Rd Suite D, Cincinnati, OH

Less than ½ mile from the Listermann brewery is the Listermann Brewing Trail House, which is a dedicated taproom. It has a simple, clean design kind of like a brew cafe. Some other popular Listermann brews to try include the Team Fiona IPA, The Works stout, and Triple Digit Bearel Aged Bearclaw Chickow! brown ale. The kitchen makes good pizzas and salads.

Listermann Brewing Trail House | photo via @cincybythepint

Little Kings Beer

No Taproom Location

Although it doesn’t have a brewery and taproom that’s open to the public, Little Kings Beer originally started out as Schoenling Brewery in 1958. A problem with the beer cooler led to the birth of Little Kings — a cream ale with subtle sweetness. You can get your hands on Little Kings Original at various restaurants and shops around Cincinnati. Also look for its Agave Lime and Blood Orange flavors.

Little Miami Brewing Company

208 Mill St, Milford, OH

Since 2018, Little Miami Brewing Company has offered a great selection of craft brews in Milford. It’s one of two Cincinnati breweries that rest on the edge of the Little Miami River and is near the bike trail, making it the perfect spot to stop for a refreshing break. The Grateful IPA, Earth Cookie brown ale, and Pterodactyl wheat beer are a few favorites. You can order pizza, wine, and spirits too.

Little Miami Brewing Company | photo via @borrowedtimecreative

LOCOBA by Platform

1201 Main St, Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland-based Platform Beer Company opened the LOCOBA by Platform tasting room in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in 2017. LOCOBA stands for “Local Coffee Barrels.” Small batches of beer are aged in barrels on site, and the High River stout, Red Martian sour, and Haze Jude IPA are popular drinks. Also, coffee and cocktails are served.

MadTree Alcove

1400-1410 Vine Street, Cincinnati OH

Expected to open in early 2022, the MadTree Alcove is a taproom that MadTree Brewing is bringing to the Over-the-Rhine district. It will feature the brewery’s beers, upscale farm-to-table dishes, and housemade cocktails. Some popular brews to expect are the PsycHOPathy IPA, Lift Kolsch, and Happy Amber ale.

MadTree Brewing

3301 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH

Dubbed MadTree Brewing 2.0, this Oakley location was opened in 2017 out of necessity. The company grew fast after it first opened in 2013 as the first modern craft brewery in Ohio to can its beer. The taproom has a cafe atmosphere and outdoor beer garden. Look for its Shade fruit beer, Thundersnow Scottish ale, and Rubus Cacao stout.

MadTree Brewing | photo via @mainebeerbrewer

March First Brewing

7885 E Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH

In 2017, March First Brewing opened its taproom in Blue Ash after stellar success introducing its beer to Cincinnati locals. The company is a brewery and distillery, and it’s known for its ciders and hard seltzers as well. Many people like the Astra Red Cream Soda Hard Seltzer, Irish Red ale, and Swiss Chocolate Stout. You can order bar bites, sandwiches, and pizza with your drinks.

Mash Cult Brewing

6823 Burlington Pike, Florence, KY

Mash Cult Brewing is a nanobrewery that started producing and selling its brews out of the Party Town store in Florence, Kentucky. You can taste test some of its beers in the store and purchase bottles to take home. Some popular brews have included Ramathorn stout, WunderWeisse wheat beer, and Le’me Tell You This!!! stout.

Mash Cult Brewing | photo via @bastright

The Motors Brewing Company

4811 Vine St Cincinnati, OH

One of the Cincinnati breweries that’s bringing pre-Prohibition beer to the masses, The Motors Brewing Company is only a production facility in St. Bernard. You can find its American Ale on tap in many Cincinnati restaurants — look for The Motors tap handle, which is handmade in its own workshop — and in retail locations throughout Ohio.

MPH Brewing

7880 Remington Rd, Cincinnati, OH

In partnership with Left Hand Brewing, MPH Brewing brews European-style beers. The partnership allows the brewery to keep a wide variety of craft beers on tap. Some popular MPH branded brews include the Das Weizen wheat beer, Napoleon’s Revenge Belgian tripel, and Squire mild beer. The kitchen makes appetizers and wood-fired pizzas.

MPH Brewing | photo via @mcremeans

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

4362 Mt Carmel Tobasco Rd, Cincinnati, OH

After it started producing beers in 2005 out of an old farmhouse, Mt. Carmel Brewing Company was able to open its taproom in 2012 — Governor John Kasich was there. It has eight rotating taps, but some favorites are the Amber Ale, Nut Brown Ale, and Coffee Brown Ale. Beer cocktails, spirits, and wine are on the drink list too.

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company | photo via @yves_saintbernard

Municipal Brew Works

20 High St, Hamilton, OH

Starting with wall-to-wall people in its taproom during the 2016 opening, Municipal Brew Works is located in the historic Fredrick Mueller building that used to be the City of Hamilton municipal building. The kid-friendly taproom is large with 20 taps and outdoor seating. Approachable Blonde ale, Scout IPA, and Midnight Cut porter are popular options.

Municipal Brew Works | photo via @municipalbrewworks

Narrow Path Brewing Co.

106 Karl Brown Way, Loveland, OH

A creative 5-bbl brewhouse, Narrow Path Brewing Co. in Loveland, Ohio, produces American and European ales that reflect the team’s and local community’s personalities. The brewery is located on the Loveland Bike Trail, making it an ideal place to rest if you’re biking. Some prominent beers are the Tire Patch IPA, Coconut Porter, and Dred Lokt stout.

Narrow Path Brewing Co. | photo via @jred613

N.E.W. Ales Brewing

1521 1st Ave, Middletown, OH

Opened in 2020 in Middletown, N.E.W. Ales Brewing has a mission to create beers that appeal to and suit any palate. The brewery owners hope that the taproom becomes a fun hangout spot as well. You might like the Hop Chowduh IPA, Country Dreamer red ale, or Flippin Fruit Tart Strawberry Lime Gose sour.

Nine Giant Brewpub

6095 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH

With a brewery and kitchen in Pleasant Ridge, Nine Giant Brewpub serves artisanal beers that it produces on site. The Save Ferris sour, Uptown Avondale stout, and Magical Colors IPA are some favorite brews. The taproom features food made from scratch, cider, and wine.

Nine Giant Brewpub | photo via @ninegiant

Nine Giant Fermentorium

6111 Ridge Ave, Cincinnati, OH

In early 2021, an expansion saw the opening of the Nine Giant Fermentorium in Pleasant Ridge just around the corner from the brewery. The dedicated taproom serves small-batch beers, barrel-aged beers, and tiki cocktails. The Retrograde IPA, My Name Is Jonas sour, and Thorn Within brown ale are a few of its well-known brews.

Northern Row Brewery & Distillery

111 W McMicken Ave, Cincinnati, OH

The Northern Row Brewery & Distillery taproom has been open since 2020 in an 1895 historic pre-prohibition building. The upscale yet comfortable environment is perfect for all ages. It’s one of the only places where you can get beer, spirits, and wine under one roof. The Poser cream ale, Heckler IPA, and Designer wheat beer are popular brews.

North High Brewing

2724 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 2011, North High Brewing has a taproom in Hyde Park. Some popular brews are the North Side Fog IPA, Christmas Ale spiced beer, and Honey Wheat Lager. Like other Cincinnati breweries, the taproom serves cider, cocktails, seltzer, wine, pizza, and other food.

North High Brewing | photo via @hotziefoodlife

Off Track Brewing Co. at Dunlap Cafe

1926 Dunlap St., Cincinnati, OH

Inside the Dunlap Cafe, Off Track Brewing Co. is a craft nanobrewery that was founded by two friends who homebrewed for more than 20 years. Now, they operate a 5-bbl steam-powered system in the 1,800-square-foot garage around the corner — which is open for tours. In the taproom, the Stark Raving IPA, Hanna Park Pilsner, and Dunlap Bock are popular.

Off Track Brewing Co. at Dunlap Cafe | photo via @dunlapcafe

Paradise Brewing

7766 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Paradise Brewing started out as a homebrew supply shop in 2007 and added a brewery in 2014. Since then, it has expanded a couple of times and has plans for more expansion. Among the craft brews that are popular are the Night At the Opera coffee stout, Tahitian Treat porter, and Blueberry Kolsch.

Rhinegeist Brewery

1910 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH

Aptly named for its location, Rhinegeist Brewery is located in Over-the-Rhine and is known for its cider and beer. It has significantly expanded since 2013 to a 760-bbl production facility. The Rhinegeist taproom is one of the biggest in the city and has a rooftop space. It’s popular for its Truth IPA, Bubbles fruit beer, and Dad red ale.

Rhinegeist Brewery | photo via @abarrelofhoppiness

Rivertown Brewing Company and Barrel House

6550 Hamilton Lebanon Rd, Middletown, OH

The Rivertown Brewing Company & Barrel House initially opened its brewery in Lockland and started brewing in 2009. Now, the Rivertown brewery is located in Monroe in a 26,000-square-foot venue. The Barrel House taproom has 30 beers on tap and a patio with 24 taps. The Ville De Rivere Geuze Lambic, CryptoCurrantcy sour, and Death stout are a few of its top-rated brews to enjoy with the beer-infused barbecue and arcade games.

Rivertown Brewing Company and Barrel House | photo via @mitch_cincymitch

Rolling Mill Brewing Company

916 1st Ave, Middletown, OH

As the only dedicated gluten-free brewery in Ohio, Rolling Mill Brewing Company specializes in gluten-free German ales and lagers and produces seasonal brews. The brewery was established in 2017 after one of the founders was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. A few popular brews include the Ingot brown ale, Two Goldens lager, and LAUktoberfest Märzen.

Rolling Mill Brewing Company | photo via @raynorshinebeertour

Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom

1727 Logan St, Cincinnati, OH

Samuel Adams has been brewing in Cincinnati since 1997, but it didn’t open the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom until 2018. The nanobrewery and taproom is located across the street from its main production space, which used to be the Hudepolh-Schoenling brewery. It’s popular for its Avena Colombiana historical beer, Fresh Pops Scary Berry sour, and Samuel Adams Utopias strong ale.

Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom | photo via @megherald

Sonder Brewing

8584 Duke Blvd, Mason, OH

After about 2.5 years of getting ready to brew, Sonder Brewing opened its doors in 2019 in Mason, Ohio. It has a 30-bbl brewhouse and 2,000-square-foot taproom with food served by BrewRiver Kitchen daily. The microbrewery’s popular drinks are the You Betcha! IPA, Kato blonde ale, and Voss Kölsch.

Sonder Brewing | photo via @threeonepour

Sons of Toil Brewing

14090 Klein Rd, Mt Orab, OH

Using locally sourced ingredients, Sons of Toil Brewing has been among the Greater Cincinnati breweries since 2017. On site, it brews and serves 20 beers and 4 ciders. If you’re interested in trying one of the local favorites, consider getting the Margarita Gose sour, Pine Cabin Pale Ale, or English Brown Ale.

Sons of Toil Brewing | photo via @barbarawatsonharding

Streetside Brewery

4003 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Located in the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood of Cincinnati, Streetside Brewery serves exceptional craft beer in its taproom. The Suh, Brah? IPA, Return of the Mac blonde ale, and Raspberry Beret stout are a few popular brews. You can order guest beers and wine as well, and Streetside has its own food truck.

Swine City Brewing

4614 Industry Dr, Fairfield, OH

Crowds were standing at the door when Swine City Brewing opened in Fairfield in early 2018. The brewery has a few regular beers, but the tap list changes regularly. Some favorites have included This Is the New Stuff IPA, Good Enough For Me red ale, and Girl Got Reasons sour. You can order food from Pizza Cicerone in the same building.

Swine City Brewing | photo via @swinecitybrewing

Taft’s Ale House

1429 Race St, Cincinnati, OH

Opened in 2015, Taft’s Ale House is basically a giant restaurant with all of the brewery’s beer on tap. A few popular options are the Double Gavel Banger IPA, Auld Girthy Scottish ale, and Gavel Banger IPA. The classic brewpub is located in the former St. Paul’s Evangelical Church, which was once the oldest protestant parish in Cincinnati and built in 1850.

Taft’s Brewpourium

4831 Spring Grove Ave #1, Cincinnati, OH

As the second location for Taft’s Brewing, the Taft’s Brewpourium opened in 2017 in Spring Grove Village. It has a larger production facility and a more casual taproom with a large bar, plenty of seating, and pizza options. A few favorites here are the Gavel Banger IPA, Nellie’s Key Lime Caribbean Ale, and Cherrywood Amber red ale.

Third Eye Brewing Company

11276 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH

In 2020, Third Eye Brewing Company was the first to open in Sharonville. Located in the Northern Lights District, the brewery has a large open taproom and plenty of space outdoors. The covered patio and upper deck allow visitors to use the outdoor space all year. The Higher Purpose stout, Third Eye P.A. American IPA, and Spectral Hazy New England IPA are popular Third Eye brews.

Third Eye Brewing Company | photo via @thirdeyebrewing

Urban Artifact

1660 Blue Rock St, Cincinnati, OH

The Urban Artifact microbrewery opened its doors in 2015 in Northside. It’s known for its sour and fruited beers, such as the Keypunch sour and The Gadget sour. Another of its popular brews is the Finn American pale ale. Unlike most Cincinnati breweries, the taproom has a full bar and hosts events with live music regularly.

Urban Artifact | photo via @urbanartifactbeer

West Side Brewing

3044 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Following success with a Kickstarter campaign, West Side Brewing opened its location in Westwood in 2017, becoming the first in the area. The warehouse-style taproom features a bar in the center of the space, dividing it two sides for a one-of-a-kind experience depending on where you sit. The American Pale Ale, Smoked Helles lager, and Missing Linck historical beer are a few favorites.

West Side Brewing | photo via @furious_styles1000

Wiedemann’s Fine Beer

4811 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH

Wiedemann’s was a legacy in Cincinnati when it originally opened in 1878, but it closed in 1983. After being purchased in 2012, Wiedemann’s Fine Beer opened its taproom in 2018 in St. Bernard after a crowdfunding campaign. Consider trying these popular innovative beers: Monkey’s Dunkel lager, Wake Me Up stout, and Sparky’s Winter Stout.

Woodburn Brewing

2800 Woodburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Located in East Walnut Hills, Woodburn Brewing is a microbrewery that was purchased by March First Brewing but has kept the same name. Because of that, you’ll find Woodburn and March First branded brews in the taproom. The Solo blonde ale and Valravn Chocolate Cherry Stout are a couple of Woodburn favorites among locals.

Woodburn Brewing | photo via @cam_cam_bb

Wooden Cask Brewing Company

629 York St, Newport, KY

Making small-batch, craft beers, Wooden Cask Brewing Company has been serving Newport, Kentucky, since 2016. The taproom always has 18 beers on tap, such as the Reformation (Nitro) stout, Pacific Time IPA, and The Scotsman scotch ale. Inside the taproom, Drunken Hog BBQ welcomes you for savory, smoked dishes.

Wooden Cask Brewing Company | photo via @chaos68

Wooden Cask at the Levee

1 Levee Way, Newport, KY

Only a taproom, Wooden Cask at the Levee is the brewery’s second location, which opened in 2020 at Bridgeview Box Park. A few popular beers on tap here are the Pumpkin Ale, Coffee Fashioned stout, and Levee Lager American lager. Outdoor seating is available when the weather is nice.

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