Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio

TOP 14 Things to Know & Do at Castle Noel in Medina Ohio

Looking for a fun holiday day trip in Ohio? Head to Castle Noel in Medina Ohio!

Founded in 1816, Medina Ohio grew at a slow pace. Most original inhabitants were farmers, so the growth of the community took off a few decades later. Today, many residents of nearby cities, such as Cleveland, have decided to relocate to Medina to escape the hustle and bustle of big-city life.

There are hundreds of acres of parks and recreation areas, entertainment venues, and places for residents and visitors to enjoy a meal. Attractions in and around Medina draw crowds that consist of people who live, work, and play in Medina.

One particular entertainment attraction is Castle Noel, affectionally known as the year-round “America’s largest indoor year-round Christmas entertainment attraction.”

Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via Michelle

About Castle Noel

Castle Noel is the brainchild of Mark Klaus. He started checking a variety of locations to find the ideal place to construct what he promised would become the largest indoor, year-round Christmas attraction in the United States.

The Property Search

Klaus considered a possible location for his fantasy Christmas attraction in New York and Utah. He also considered Branson Missouri and Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

The search for the ideal location ended when he and his wife Dana Klaus, who was also his business partner, decided to transform part of Medina Ohio into a fantasy year-round Christmas attraction.

An Abandoned Church

Klaus saw a large abandoned church near Medina’s historic city square that looked like a castle. He purchased it, and Castle Noel came to life. The location covered half a city block and opened for year-round festivities in 2013.

The founders of Castle Noel finally had a place to showcase the large collection of décor and other items from store windows that Klaus collected for his fantasy Christmas attraction. He added Christmas ornaments and other items that he collected during his years as a commercial artist and sculptor.

A Successful Attraction

The attraction is so popular that people come by the busload, and it’s not just schoolchildren. People come from across the country to enjoy all the great things to see and do, including seeing the largest privately-owned collection of costumes and movie props from favorite holiday classics.

Some examples include the authentic props and costumes from “The Grinch,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Fred Claus,” and “Jingle All the Way.” In addition to this film prop and costume collection, there are millions of dollars worth of animated displays from famous store windows in New York.

Keep reading below to learn where to stay and dine in Medina Ohio while stepping into the fantasy world of Castle Noel.

Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @_chiefchachi

Frequently Asked Questions About Castle Noel

Is Castle Noel really open year-round?

Yes, Castle Noel is open year-round, providing an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime destination. There are only a few days when the attraction is closed, including most Mondays.

It is also closed on major holidays, including Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Where is Castle Noel?

Castle Noel is located at 260 S. Court Street in Medina Ohio.

Where are Medina Ohio and Castle Noel?

Medina Ohio is about 33 miles south of Cleveland and 23 miles west of Akron.

Do we need to make reservations to visit Castle Noel?

Reservations are required for the tour of Castle Noel. You can book your next party at Castle Noel, and check for special events that may require a reservation.

How popular is Castle Noel?

Castle Noel has gained notoriety around the country. It has been featured by local and regional news channels — Entertainment Tonight, PBS, the “Treasure Hunters Road Show,” and other media outlets.

Does Castle Noel update its displays and events?

The fun at Castle Noel periodically updates its attractions and experiences. So, there is always something new to enjoy at Castle Noel.

Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @_chiefchachi

Things to Do at Castle Noel

The excitement at Castle Noel does not stop at simply allowing guests to reminisce as they see their favorite toys from years or decades gone by, the store window displays, and Santa Claus.

Visitors are amazed at the 25-foot-tall animated Christmas tree, the Blizzard Vortex, and Santa’s Chimney Squeeze. Enjoy the international Christmas display windows too.

Toys & Hot Wheels

Kids at heart are taken aback by the many toys from the 50s through the 80s, and the 9-foot-tall Megawheel Hot Wheel, which features five rotating Megawheels and contains more than 1,000 Hot Wheels.

The Infamous Slide

Enjoy getting snowed on by a blast of snow, and ride the famous slide. Visitors who are at least 80 years old and go down the slide are featured on the Wall of Fame. The oldest person to take a trip down the slide was 101.5!

Mini Golf, Patios, & More

Enjoy the out-of-this-world, 3D experience at Alien Vacation Mini Golf. And, plans are in motion to add an outdoor patio area with a 12-foot fire pit. The 100-person seating area, 20-foot waterfall, and multiple themed patios add to the enjoyment of visiting Castle Noel.

There is so much to enjoy at Castle Noel that you should plan a minimum of two hours just for the tour. Make plans to stay the day and visit the gift shop. You can also purchase gift cards so that others can enjoy the unique experience.

Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @apriljordanides

More Things to Do Near Castle Noel

Check out some other attractions near Castle Noel when you visit Medina Ohio. Each of its three districts has a personality of its own.

Museums & Local Shops

The downtown historic district has a more casual atmosphere. Park your car, and visit the area museums or independently owned shops and businesses. Enjoy a quick bite or an ice cream cone. Perhaps fine dining is more to your liking when you visit downtown.

Shopping & Quick Meals

The North Court Street Business District is more for the hustle and bustle that busy families are used to at home or when traveling away from home. Stop and shop, or grab a quick meal.

Antiques & Locally Made Products

The West Side Business District features the little nooks and crannies that many small towns have, including small, locally owned businesses. Shop for gourmet food, antiques, or candles made by a local candle shop.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Are you looking for nearby excitement after visiting Castle Noel? The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is in nearby downtown Cleveland Ohio. See documentation about all of the rock artists, producers, engineers, and other notables who have helped make rock music a famous industry.

Other Attractions

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and beauty of Buckeye Woods Park, or enjoy the fun at the Medina Recreation Center. Are you a foodie? Take the Little Italy Neighborhood Food Tour of Cleveland.

Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @exploringclevelandht

Dining Near Castle Noel

You’re bound to get hungry from exploring everything that Castle Noel has to offer. So, here are a couple of places to grab a quick bite or sit-down meal nearby.

Timber Lodge

Enjoy a steak or seafood cooked perfectly to your specifications when you visit Timber Lodge. The restaurant offers everything from a mouth-watering burger to mouth-watering prime rib.

One Eleven Bistro

One Eleven Bistro offers an American menu with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. Try the roast chicken, the salmon, or the vegetarian paprikash. How about chicken and waffles with bourbon Ohio syrup? The menu changes with the season.

Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @here_for_your_dog

Lodging Near Castle Noel

There are plenty of places to stay when you visit Castle Noel. Enjoy a nostalgic experience by choosing to stay at the historic Spitzer House Bed & Breakfast. Each room has its own private bath, and there are three EV charging stations.

There are several nationwide hotels with locations near Castle Noel too. Make sure that you book your stay before you visit Medina.

Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @yewon_park_06

Plan Your Trip to Castle Noel Today

Castle Noel offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for family members of all ages. Let your inner child enjoy the sites and wonders of Christmas magic all year at the largest indoor Christmas display.

There is always something new and exciting to enjoy with the updated displays that will likely have you coming back every season.

If you want more Christmas attractions, Ohio has plenty of Christmas towns, light displays, and train rides. Plus, you can attend the Medina Ice Festival, Cleveland WinterLand festival, and other winter festivals and events. There are even more castles in Ohio to visit!

More Photos of Castle Noel

Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @_chiefchachi
Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @_chiefchachi
Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @_chiefchachi
Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @_chiefchachi
Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @apriljordanides
Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @exploringclevelandht
Castle Noel - Medina, Ohio
Castle Noel | photo via @exploringclevelandht

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