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13 Mouthwatering Restaurants in Canton Ohio to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Finding a great meal is an integral part of any vacation. If you’re in the Canton area, you’re right on the border of lake country and wine country, so there are plenty of good restaurants in Canton Ohio.

This article lists all the best eateries in the region, from upscale Italian cuisine to comfort food and pub fare. These restaurants are perfect for refueling as you experience all of the great things to do in Canton Ohio!

The Bistro at Gervasi Vineyard

1700 55th St NE BLDG C, Canton, OH 44721

Gervasi Vineyard is one of the most unique and beautiful Canton Ohio restaurants. Part winery, part hotel, and part restaurant, Gervasi has three buildings to visit, each with its own atmosphere and experience.

The stunning on-site bistro offers the chance to try the Canton vineyard’s wines, as well as cocktails and spirits.

While relaxing in the bistro, you can look out over the vineyard scenery while enjoying a meal, such as roasted butternut squash soup, roasted beet and apple salad, brown sugar salmon, strip steak, or handmade mushroom ravioli.

Make sure to save room for tiramisu, creme brulee, lemon sorbet, or berry cobbler with caramel gelato!

Gervasi Vineyard, Canton - Canton Wineries, Canton Restaurants
Gervasi Vineyard | photo via @tmorrow1911

Lucca Downtown

228 4th St NW, Canton, OH 44702

Lucca Downtown is an upscale Italian restaurant located, as the name implies, in the heart of Canton right in the arts district. Here, diners enjoy a variety of authentic Italian dishes made from local and fresh ingredients.

This is the ultimate date night spot, featuring a gorgeous Tuscan-inspired dining room, delicious food, and a stellar drinks menu. If you’re not sure what drink to get, the knowledgeable staff at Lucca knows what pairs well with your dinner.

The restaurant offers daily and weekly specials. All the dishes feature handmade pasta, and the menu includes meat and seafood options.

Lucca Downtown, Canton - Canton Restaurants
Lucca Downtown | photo via @mz_ntb

Bender’s Tavern

137 Court Ave SW, Canton, OH 44702

Bender’s Tavern isn’t just one of the best restaurants in Canton Ohio. It’s also one of the most fascinating historical sites in the town!

The tavern has been continuously in operation since 1902. It’s known far and wide for its delicious steaks, fresh seafood, and excellent wine list. Some of the dishes at Bender’s have a long and storied history, such as the fried haddock and the turtle soup!

The tavern expertly combines classic favorites and chic, modern recipes, so you can find something delicious to eat (and drink) no matter where your tastes lie.

Bender's Tavern, Canton - Canton Restaurants
Bender’s Tavern | photo via @corkandpunt

91 Wood Fired Oven

1983 E Maple St, North Canton, OH 44720

91 Wood Fired Oven is proof that comfort foods like pizza and pasta can be upscale and elegant. This locally-owned restaurant has two locations — one in Canton and one in nearby Jackson Township.

91 is uniquely focused on fresh seasonal ingredients, so you always know that you’re eating quality locally grown and made dishes. While the focus is on upscale pizza, pasta, and seafood, the restaurant is also famous for its excellent steaks.

You’ll find some fun and fascinating appetizers here as well, such as sweet and spicy bacon “candy,” everything pretzels with Brie fondue, and veal meatballs.

91 Wood Fired Oven, North Canton - Canton Restaurants
91 Wood Fired Oven | photo via @pizzaciraco

Lucia’s Steakhouse

4769 Belpar St NW, Canton, OH 44718

Lucia’s Steakhouse has been a Canton institution for almost 70 years, and its steaks are known far and wide. The recipes here have been passed down from parent to child, and it’s not hard to see why they’ve stood the test of time.

The steakhouse took a brief break for two years before moving to a new location and is now open for business once again. The quality has only improved since Lucia’s new start, with menu items such as steamed clams with bacon and greens, filet mignon, strip steak, salmon bruschetta, and veal parmigiana.

You can also add a lobster tail to any meal!

Lucia's Steakhouse, Canton - Canton Restaurants
Lucia’s Steakhouse | photo via @ellieann21md

Mulligan’s Restaurant and Pub

4118 Belden Village St NW, Canton, OH 44718

Mulligan’s Restaurant and Pub has been serving comfort food in Canton for nearly 40 years. This friendly neighborhood watering hole is known for its fun ambiance and delicious food (as well as excellent drinks, of course).

Some of its most popular dishes include prime rib, French onion soup, Mulligan’s stew, and BBQ ribs. Unsurprisingly, St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal at Mulligan’s, but there are holiday celebrations and fun events going on all the time.

Many locals say that they make a point to take out-of-towners to Mulligan’s to offer them a true experience of Canton community and cuisine.

Burntwood Tavern, Canton - Canton Restaurants
Burntwood Tavern | photo via @brendengintz

Basil Asian Bistro

585 Market Ave N, Canton, OH 44702

Basil Asian Bistro is a trendy, modern Asian eatery with three locations in Canton and the nearby towns of Hamilton and Wooster. The restaurant has its roots in 30 years of family cooking, all with the goal of bringing fine Asian dining to Northeast Ohio.

Basil is family-owned and features food inspired by the cuisines of Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Here, you can try fresh, modern takes on classic dishes, such as moo goo gai pan, spring rolls, Thai dumplings, tuna tataki, chicken satay, hot and sour soup, and more.

Eating here is an adventure that you won’t find elsewhere in Canton!

Basil Asian Bistro, Canton - Canton Restaurants
Basil Asian Bistro | photo via @spikerlj

The Amish Door Restaurant

1210 Winesburg St, Wilmot, OH 44689

It should come as no surprise that, being right on the cusp of Amish Country, the Canton area is home to some great Amish food.

Located in nearby Wilmot Ohio, The Amish Door Restaurant is more than just a restaurant. It’s also an inn, bakery, event venue, and gift shop where you can find amazing decor, gifts, treats, and other items.

In the restaurant, you can choose from dishes such as broasted chicken, roast beef, ham, mashed potatoes, casseroles, pasta, salad, and vegetables. Make sure to finish off your meal with some dessert, such as chocolate, peanut butter, or coconut cream pie.

The Amish Door Restaurant, Willmot - Canton Restaurants
The Amish Door Restaurant | photo via @liljohnnieg

3 Brothers Corner Tavern

7192 Fulton Dr NW, Canton, OH 44718

3 Brothers Corner Tavern is the enterprise of — unsurprisingly — three brothers, each of whom had different interests and experiences that combined to create this fun family venue. Here, you can find everything from typical pub fare to healthy, delicious meals and trendy appetizers.

The tavern is famous for its chicken wings, which come in nine flavors ranging from mild to super spicy. There are always events going on at 3 Brothers, including weekly features, Taco Tuesday, all-you-can-eat wings, and of course, a daily happy hour.

This one-of-a-kind, family-owned tavern aims to be a place where there’s something fun for everyone, and it hits every mark.

The Amish Door Restaurant, Willmot - Canton Restaurants
The Amish Door Restaurant | photo via @smalltownlivingusa

Sparta Steak House and Lounge

1101 12th St NW, Canton, OH 44703

Sparta Steak House and Lounge is a comfortable, reasonably-priced place to enjoy a steak in Canton Ohio. In addition to great cuts of meat, you can enjoy appetizers, like crabcakes, shrimp cocktail, grape leaves, Buffalo wings, and saganaki.

There’s an excellent seafood menu with dishes like lobster tails, broiled scrod, and broiled langostinos. There are many cuts of steak, as well as a fantastic burger menu, salads, and sides.

Sparta might have “steak house” in the name, but the entire menu is excellent and has choices for everyone, all prepared by an award-winning chef.

Sparta Steak House and Lounge, Canton - Canton Restaurants
Sparta Steak House and Lounge | photo via @bullshart3101

Royal Docks Brewing Company

7162 Fulton Dr NW, Canton, OH 44718 (Tap Room)

2668 Easton St NE, Canton, OH 44721 (Foeder House)

Royal Docks Brewing Company is one of the top breweries in Canton. But whether you want to enjoy a meal with your beer or you prefer not to drink at all, there’s something for everyone in the restaurant!

Royal Docks has two locations in Canton — the Tap Room and the Foeder House. Both are great places to enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of craft beer:

  • The Tap Room features gourmet flatbreads, appetizers, and shareable meals. 
  • The Foeder House menu features upscale comfort food, such as fried chicken sandwiches with chili honey glaze, gourmet flatbreads, charcuterie, and burgers.
Royal Docks Brewing Company, Canton - Canton Breweries, Canton Restaurants
Royal Docks Brewing Company | photo via @benjaminbivens

H2 Huth & Harris

427 Tuscarawas St E, Canton, OH 44702

H2 Huth & Harris is technically classified as a wine merchant, and there’s no doubt that the company’s focus is wine. But that’s a perfect dovetail into its two restaurants in Canton and nearby Medina. Here, you can enjoy a meal that pairs perfectly with a glass of red or white wine.

The vibe at H2 Huth and Harris is the perfect combination of elegant and rustic, so you can relax and dine in style. The restaurant offers a wide range of menu choices, from shareable appetizers to small plates and full-sized entrees, such as rack of lamb or fettuccine with mushrooms and burrata.

Lucca Downtown, Canton - Canton Restaurants
Lucca Downtown | photo via @mz_ntb

Burntwood Tavern

4320 Everhard Rd NW, Canton, OH 44718

Burntwood Tavern has a warm and welcoming ambiance that’s rich in character, as well as a simple, chef-driven menu of smoked, planked, and wood-grilled dishes. The taverns have been built to evoke a rustic eating experience, complete with reclaimed barn wood and an outstanding hammered copper-topped bar.

The cocktail menu features handmade drinks made with fresh juices and Burntwood’s own house-infused vodkas. This menu includes a variety of craft draught beers too, and the engaging bartenders tempt guests to return to try new combinations and pulls.

Burntwood Tavern, Canton - Canton Restaurants
Burntwood Tavern | photo via @brendengintz

More Canton OH Restaurants to Enjoy

Looking for more restaurants in Canton Ohio? Canton has a great list of local restaurants that are sure to whet your appetite:

Good Eating at Restaurants in Canton Ohio

As you can see, Canton has a wide variety of restaurant options, with choices for every taste, atmosphere, and cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful place for a date night or a relaxing night in a pub with friends, you can find it all among restaurants in Canton Ohio.

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