19 Best Ohio Breweries | Top Craft Breweries in Ohio

Gone are the days when beer lovers would simply pick up the cheapest case of beer from the local grocery store in order to bring to a barbecue with their friends. Today’s beer aficionados prefer the refined taste of craft beers, and fortunately, there are plenty of craft breweries in Ohio to experience. In fact, Ohio breweries are known as some of the best in the country.

According to Cleveland.com, Ohio ranks 5th in the country for craft beer production, and it seems that more breweries are popping up in every region in Ohio each year.

Whether you are visiting the state and looking to book an Ohio brewery tour or you are local resident who is looking for a frothy yet flavorful Ohio beer to enjoy, you will find that these are some of the best breweries in Ohio.

Craft Breweries in Ohio
Ohio’s Craft Beer Sales & Production Statistics, 2020 | screenshot via https://www.brewersassociation.org/statistics-and-data/state-craft-beer-stats/?state=OH

Grab a Pint at One of These Northwest Ohio Breweries

Maumee Bay Brewing Company – Toledo

Toledo is the anchor of the northwest Ohio region, and it comes as no surprise that there are many great craft breweries in this city. One of the most notable Ohio breweries in Toledo is the Maumee Bay Brewing Company, which is located in a historic building that was built in the middle of the 19th century.

Maumee Bay Brewing Company was established in 1995, and it is considered to be the original craft brewery in the city. For more than 25 years, this brewery has specialized in a variety of beers, including the Bermuda Triangle and the Tiramisu Brown Ale.

Maumee Bay Brewing Company | photo via @mbaybrew

Twin Oast Brewing – Port Clinton

Outside of Toledo, you will find Twin Oast Brewing, which has an idyllic location and a farm-to-fermentation approach. This brewery is situated on a beautiful, 60-acre farm estate. Its outdoor tasting area features picnic tables with stone turrets and a historic red barn in the background.

In addition to its creative and thoughtful beer menu, this brewery also has a limited food menu for those who need nourishment as they sip their new favorite beer.

Twin Oast Brewing | photo via @twinoast

Stop By One of the Best Breweries in Western Ohio for a Delicious Craft Beer

Western Ohio is the one region where you won’t find as many breweries in Ohio, but the few that are located here are worth the effort.

Gongoozlers Brewery – New Bremen

Gongoozlers Brewery is a craft brewery in New Bremen, Ohio that pays homage to the community’s history and the canal that cuts through the heart of the city. This brewery features a variety of beers, such as the cream ale Lock One and the British brown ale Treaty.

It boasts an outdoor tasting area that includes picnic tables and a white picket fence, making it one of the most peaceful places in western Ohio to pass a summer afternoon.

Roundhouse Depot Brewing – Bellefontaine

Another western Ohio brewery that you simply have to experience for yourself is Roundhouse Depot Brewing, which is run by a husband and wife team who are truly passionate about serving great beer.

The owners of this brewery opted for a railroad theme in order to pay tribute to the important role that the railroad played in the development of Bellefontaine. Their goal was to create a space where local people wanted to gather and discuss the past, present and future with one another.

With more than a dozen beers on tap at any given time and a few that are always on deck, this is the kind of brewery where you can always try something new and exciting.

Roundhouse Depot Brewing | photo via @abeeradaywithtk

Southwestern Ohio Breweries that You Cannot Miss

Southwest Ohio is becoming a major player in the craft beer scene, and it seems that fresh breweries are constantly popping up and making waves. Whether you’re looking for the best Dayton Ohio breweries or the top breweries in Cincinnati, you’re sure to find a unique watering hole nearby!

Branch & Bones Artisan Ales – Dayton

For example, Branch & Bones Artisan Ales is a relative newcomer to the brewery club, as it was established in Dayton in 2018. However, it quickly started producing awe-inspiring beers that were beloved by locals and visitors alike, and it is now considered to be one of the top Ohio breweries.

This brewery specializes in incorporating distinct and flavorful hops into its brews, which give it a flavor unlike anything else in the state. Some of its distinguished beers include the Classic Crisp American Lager and the On a Cloud IPA.

Branch & Bones Artisan Ales | photo via @branchandboneales

Rhinegeist Brewery – Cincinnati

A little further south in Cincinnati, you will find the Rhinegeist Brewery. While this brewery is located in the city’s Brewery District, it easily stands apart from the competition due to its 25,000-square-foot taproom and its breathtaking rooftop garden.

This brewery is constantly coming up with new concoctions for its loyal followers to try, and it has become known as a brewery that consistently produces beers that buzz with flavor.

Rhinegeist Brewery | photo via @abarrelofhoppiness

MadTree Brewing – Cincinnati

Beyond brewing amazing Ohio beer, MadTree Brewing brings people closer to each other and to nature. Since its inception in 2013, MadTree has been driven by a desire to create great beer, but also to build something broader than themselves and the high-quality beer they produce.

Inside the MadTree taproom, customers can “toss a buck for the planet” in an effort to partner with local and global charities that care for the environment.

MadTree Brewing | photo via @mainebeerbrewer

Narrow Path Brewing Co. – Loveland

Since opening its doors in 2017, Narrow Path Brewing Co has been regarded as one of the top Ohio breweries, making beers that reflect its personality and local flavor in the American and European traditions in its 5 barrel house.

Stop in for a pint or two with friends any day of the week, and enjoy the expansive beer list – on tap or in a bottle. Seating is available indoors or outside on the patio.

Narrow Path Brewing Co. | photo via @jred613

Capitalize on These Beer Drinking Opportunities in the Greater Columbus Area

Columbus is the Capital of Ohio, and it’s also known as one of the best places in the state to get craft beer.

Columbus Brewing Company – Columbus

In fact, the aptly named Columbus Brewing Company has been serving up freshly brewed beer for more than 30 years — long before craft beers became a staple in many homes and bars throughout the country.

It wasn’t until recently, however, that this brewery decided to move from simply a production brewery to a brewery with a taproom. Now, there’s a taproom in downtown Columbus where people can come to sip their favorite beers.

This brewery brews a variety of craft beers, but it’s most famous for its hop-filled IPAs.

Columbus Brewing Company | photo via @cbusadventures

Ill Mannered Brewing Company – Powell

While well-known breweries with large taprooms in the heart of the city are sure to provide you with the excitement that you crave, you also may want to experience a quieter, more intimate brewery outside of the city. Ill Mannered Brewing Company is a neighborhood brewery that is located in suburban Columbus in the city of Powell.

It is an unassuming brewery that offers great beers, a welcoming atmosphere, and a charming patio where friends and family can gather for food, conversation, and of course, a pint or two. Consider trying one of the seasonal selections, such as Ill Manna Shanda, a lemonade shandy that is particularly refreshing on warm summer days.

Ill Mannered Brewing Company | photo via @thedrunkenthumb

Land-Grant Brewing Company – East Franklinton

The brewing facility, located at 424 W. Town St in East Franklinton, is housed in a 12,000sqft historic building that originally manufactured elevators and track systems for newspaper production facilities.

Land-Grant Brewing Company launched its taproom for the first time on October 18th, 2014. Ray Ray’s Hogpit, with its award-winning barbeque, joined the taproom in 2017 and is open year-round from Thursday through Sunday.

Land-Grant Brewing Company | photo via @landgrant_taproom

Seventh Son Brewing – Columbus

Since April of 2013, Seventh Son Brewing has been creating great beers at the corner of 4th and 4th in Columbus’ historic Italian Village. With its home-brewed beer, terrace, food trucks, and seasonal family activities, some say it’s the best bar in Columbus.

Seventh Son Brewing | photo via @seventh_son_brewing

For more Columbus area breweries, check out the top breweries in Dublin Ohio.

Discover the Potential at these Top Ohio Breweries in the Southeast Region of the State

As you head toward the Appalachian Mountains, you will find that the southeast region of Ohio becomes more beautiful with each passing mile. In addition, you will discover that there are plenty of breweries to stop at and soak up those views while sipping on a brew.

Rockmill Brewery – Lancaster

Rockmill Brewery is a craft brewery in southeast Ohio that is located in a restored 18th-century horse farm. Rather than offering a wide variety of beer styles, this brewery discovered what it was best at and focused on that type of brew.

This brewery is the place to go for Belgian-style farmhouse ales, and its rustic yet welcoming setting makes it a favorite among locals and travelers alike.

Rockmill Brewery | photo via @rockmillbrewery

Wooly Pig Farm Brewery – Fresno

For a German experience in the heart of Ohio, head to Wooly Pig Farm Brewery, which is run by a brewmaster who was trained in Bavaria and aims to provide all visitors with an authentic experience.

This brewery has a community-style tasting room in which neighbors, friends, and complete strangers are invited to sip beer and have good conversation together. Some of the most famous beers at this brewery include the Berliner Weiss and the Weizenbock. 

Wooly Pig Farm Brewery | photo via @beerandaletraveler

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery – Athens

Jackie O’s in Athens is more than just another Ohio brewery. This brewpub turned restaurant, taproom, bakeshop, and more is a staple in the Athens community and frequent haunt of Ohio University students, staff, and alum.

Family-owned and operated for over 15 years, Jackie O’s brewery is committed to brewing quality beer and creating sustainable communities by partnering with Ohio farmers, artists, businesses, and community outreach organizations.

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery | photo via @thegentlestrength

Hit Up the Best Northeast Ohio Craft Breweries

While there are breweries located throughout every region of the state, the northeast region reigns supreme when it comes to craft beer. Here are just a few of the best breweries in Ohio that call the Greater Cleveland area home…

Great Lakes Brewing Company – Cleveland

Some of the most famous breweries in Ohio originated in Cleveland, such as the Great Lakes Brewing Company. This brewery was established well before the craft beer scene took off in the late aughts, and it has been serving up artisan beers to Cleveland residents since 1988.

Its large brewpub is still situated in the heart of the city, and today visitors come not only to grab a pint but also to take a tour of its iconic facilities. Some of its most popular beers include the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter and the Commodore Perry IPA.

Great Lakes Brewing Company | photo via @glbc_cleveland

Noble Beast Brewing Company – Cleveland

If you are in Cleveland and searching for a microbrewery with a more down-to-earth appeal, then you may want to consider heading to Noble Beast Brewing Company. This is a small, family-owned brewery that has earned a big reputation in the city and throughout the state.

The beers at this brewery are brewed in small batches, and the taps are switched out regularly. This allows you to enjoy a unique experience every time you stop by this location. In addition to beer, don’t forget to grab a meal at this brewery — its menu is limited but the selections that are available are all delicious.

Noble Beast Brewing Company | photo via @noble_beast_brewing

Fat Head’s Brewery – Middleburg Heights

One of the most award-winning Ohio breweries, Fat Head’s craft beer bar and restaurant first opened in 1992, and has since spread to several locations across greater Cleveland. With five year-round Ohio beer options available as well as seasonal releases and limited releases (several available on draft only), there’s something new to try every time you visit.

Samples, beer flights, and fresh-brewed pints of Ohio beer are available at the Tap House. Enjoy the freshest beer from their tanks to your pint glass by sitting right in the center of the facility. They offer a 16-tap draft system, as well as bar seating, picnic tables, and some very delicious food to go along with it.

Fat Head’s Brewery | photo via @fatheadsbeer

Thirsty Dog Brewing – Akron

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company is an Ohio brewery located in Akron. They have a great selection of Ohio craft brews. Just 500 feet from the brewery, Thirsty Dog Taphouse provides pub fare and has 20 rotating taps of their Ohio beer.

Each of their beers is meticulously handcrafted in small batches with the highest quality ingredients. The sweetness and body of the beer come from high-quality malted barley. Hops from the United States and Europe are utilized to balance the malt sweetness and, on occasion, to give unique flavors and aromas to the beer.

The Brew Kettle – Cleveland

The Ohio craft beer community has been enjoying award-winning beers from the Brew Kettle Brewery since 1995. Their name change from Ringneck Brewing Company to The Brew Kettle shows the craft credentials that are at the core of every beer produced by the company.

Even as their production has increased, The Brew Kettle has kept its dedication to quality beers with personality. Next time you explore Ohio, make sure to stop in at one of their various restaurant locations or look for them on the shelf of your local beer store.

Hoppin’ Frog Brewery – Akron

Hoppin’ Frog Brewery in Akron, Ohio, is one of the top 100 breweries in the world. Hoppin’ Frog, a small company with a vast reach, has stayed true to its commitment to hands-on brewing even as its beers have moved throughout the country and around the world.

The Ohio-brewed beers are now available in 19 states across the United States and 15 nations across the world, and none of the Ohio brews have lost their unique Akron character.

Hoppin’ Frog Brewery | photo via @hoppinfrogbrewery

More Craft Breweries in Ohio

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you are in Ohio – you are likely not far away from one of the best Ohio breweries. The craft breweries in Ohio prioritize their small-batch brews and they know how to pair their beers with the tastiest snacks and delicious meals.

From family-friendly places with something for everyone to exclusive breweries with an adults-only atmosphere, you will find that Ohio beer is some of the best beer in the country.

We know we didn’t cover even a small fraction of the best breweries in Ohio, so we’d love to hear about your favorite Ohio brewery in the comments below!

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