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From now until Christmas, my paperback book How to be Your Own Travel Agent is only $6.99.  Take advantage of this low price, because after the holiday, I’m totally racking it back up to the $9.99. But, I mean, it’s a steal either way, right?  And did I mention it fits in a stocking perfectly?  It makes a great last-minute stocking stuffer!

For those of you who may have missed this, I wrote a Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide with recommendations for other travel-products under $10.  For all your travel-loving family!

If you haven’t heard about my book, and are curious what it’s all about and why I wrote it (and you want to see a sweet video made by Exalted 343), check out this post appropriately titled How to be Your Own Travel Agent: Why did I write a book? 

Thanks to all who have already purchased a copy and shared them with others!  A special thanks to those who have commented to me about the book, and for those who wrote Amazon Book Reviews.  I wanted to share some of the comments others have written, so I can say “don’t take my word for it!”

  • “This is a great guide if you’re interested in traveling and are overwhelmed by options, tour companies or attractions.  I can say with confidence this has helped me love to plan trips and our last vacation was a great success. We successfully created an expected trip budget and were able to stick to it!”
  • “This book was a quick read and was very informative. I appreciated the author’s own love for travelling and it was clear from excerpts and examples that she was drawing from great experiences. She really made travelling accessible and something that I’ll consider doing on my own because the message in this book was empowering.”
  • “The guide is very easy to read, and really breaks down every step needed to create a cost-effective and well-thought out trip. There is a lot of stress and anxiety that comes along with planning your own trip (especially abroad), but I found this guide to be a quick and thorough reference that I know will come in handy for future trips.”
  • “I feel 10 times more informed after reading this book. It’s an easy read and straight to the point. I liked all the budget examples and ideas to save money. The book is exactly as she says, practical tips. Every idea she gave to save and plan are things I can do. All I need to do now is use these tips to plan my perfect get away!”
  • “Just what I needed and more!”

And my all-time favorite comment I got this week from a friend: “I’m also buying a copy just to use as a fire starter.”  She was joking, but it’s still funny to me.  If you want to buy a copy and use it to light a fire, be my guest!  I do hope, however, you read it first.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this amazing commercial Exalted 343 made:

Click here to purchase your book ON SALE now!

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