Best views in Ohio

I love heights.  I love being up high and seeing things look smaller down below.  I’ve been on the hunt for the best views in Ohio, and I’ve been finding places I’ve never heard of the entire time I’ve lived here.  I’ve been reading from fellow Ohio bloggers.  I’m so glad there are people who write these things up.  Without people willing to share some of these gems, I would never find them on my own.  T0 my fellow bloggers: don’t stop writing.  It may seem like not many people are reading, but I am!  I haven’t found all the best views in Ohio, but I thought I would start posting these places as I visit them.  I hope to make this is a series throughout the year.

Mt. Jeez, Lucas

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’re probably sick of hearing about Malabar Farms.  I’ve written about it in Places within four hours of Columbus, Ohio.  I’m not sick of visiting there, nor am I sick of writing about it, so again, I’m going to mention this fantastic overlook.

How to get there:  Drive to Malabar Farm State Park.  There are directional signs at the park for Mt. Jeez, and also a map you can pick up at the visitor’s center.  It’s closed from Nov. to March.  However, I have a confession to make.  Twice now, I parked and walked up there anyways.  Their biggest concern is that the trail is too icy for people to climb.  I wasn’t the only one on the trail, either, so there are some more rebels out there!  The climb takes about 10-15 minutes.  It is steep, you might break a sweat, but it’s worth it!

Rising Park, Lancaster

This overlook gives you a view of the entire city of Lancaster from up on a rock.  As you drive through town, you can see the rock on the side of a hill.  It’s real easy to find, and it’s a great overlook.

How to get there:  Once you enter the park’s entrance, you can park near the pond/gazebo area.  From there, you’ll see some a bulletin board and water fountain that are at the bottom of the hill.  From there, you can walk up to the top.  It takes about 10-15 minutes, and it is a steep hill.  You will get some thigh-burn going up, but the views are wonderful.  Also, you can bring Fido!

Carew Tower, Cincinnati 

In Cincinnati, you can take a ride up 49 floors for a 360 view of Cincinnati.  On a clear day, you can see for miles.  It happened to be a clear day when we went and could see ice skaters below (looking like ants), the Ohio River and a lot of buildings!

How to get there:  It costs $4 a person, and they accept cash only.  We looked the building on Google maps when we arrived because we had a bit of a time figuring out which building it was!  And, there are no bathrooms.. so make sure to go before you get up there.  Don’t want to pee your pants when you look down the side and see how far you’d drop.

Buzzards Roost Nature Preserve, Chillicothe 

This involves a little bit of a hike, but I thought the views rivaled some beautiful parks and vantage points in West Virginia.  It was hard to believe this was in Ohio.

How to get there: Once you arrive at the park, you’ll be doing a little trek to get to this point. There are two hikes, and the one to this vantage point is the South Point Lookout Trail.  The trees are marked, so as you follow the path (some steep uphill climbs) you will eventually reach this vantage point.  Well-worth the short trek!

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