Best views in Ohio (part three)

I live in Ohio, so naturally, I travel around it scouting out fun things to do.  This year, I started a series called “Best views in Ohio” where I’ve been posting some places with gorgeous views in Ohio.  I’ve also been posting some day trips from Columbus (like last week’s post on day trips to West Virginia).  There are a few cool Ohio places I’ve visited lately with some great views.  These might not be the highest views, but they’re definitely pretty views.

Since this is a series, check out parts one and two for more ideas:

So, what other views are there in Ohio?  Here are some other ones I’ve seen in the last few months:

Monticello Canal Boat Ride, Coschocton

For $8 a person, this is what you get: “A horse-drawn canal boat replica takes visitors on a 40 minute ride into Ohio’s colorful past with a glimpse of a 1 1/2 mile restored section of the original Ohio-Erie Canal.”  It is a pretty awesome to be on a canal and being pulled by horses.  It’s a unique experience and a great view of a horse’s butt.

How to get there: There is a lot to park in behind the boat house, and you simply walk up to buy your ticket (or you can get one at the welcome center in the Historic Roscoe Village)

Rose Lake, Hocking Hills

A mini hike through the forest gets you to a beautiful view of Rose Lake.  This is my dad’s favorite part of Hocking Hills, and he even wrote a symphony piece for it (the Dispatch wrote about his Hocking Hills Suite, check it out here). This is a beautiful pocket of the hills, quiet and peaceful.

How to get there:  There are two ways to get here, one costs money and one is free.  We chose the free route, followed some signs to a side area to park.  After parking, you cross the main street and walk down a path to the lake.

Old rail trestle over Big Walnut Creek, Sunbury

My sister lives in Sunbury, so we can walk down here anytime I visit.  But last time I was there, it was overgrown with trees and had a beautiful view of Big Walnut Creek.  It’s well worth a visit.

How to get there:  This is in a neighborhood, so if you pass the main historic area of Sunbury Square and keep going down East Cherry Street until it dead-ends, make a left.  You can park right near the entrance and walk up.

Rockmill Brewery, Lancaster

We went here for a concert with the Campfire Experience, but the brewery itself is a destination.  Behind the brewery is a a beautiful lake and behind that is a beautiful view of a river with rocky, jagged cliffs.  There is also an old church on the site that was very picturesque.

How to get there:  GPS Rockmill Brewery and it will take you through some open grassy fields and some houses right to the entrance.

Water Tower at Scioto Audubon, Downtown Columbus

If you’re looking for a great place to view the sunset (or sunrise) in Columbus, this is a great option.  The water tower sits high above the park, and you can see the urban landscape, and behind you is the Scioto River with some birds and view of nature.  It’s a great combo of urban and natural.  You can also bring your dog!

How to get there:  Park in the main lot, find the big red water tower and walk up.  It’s that simple!

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