6 Best Places to Go Camping in Ohio | Our Favorite Ohio Campgrounds

Located in the heart of the Midwest and featuring a variety of incredible landscapes, Ohio is one of the best places in the country to go camping. Whether you are searching for rolling hills and mountain views or cascading waterfalls and fishing ponds, you will be able to find an Ohio campground that has everything you are looking for. 

These are the best places to go camping in Ohio:

Mohican State Park — The Ohio Campground with it All Between Columbus and Cleveland

If you and your family prefer the most traditional camping experiences, then Mohican State Park is likely the best place in Ohio for you. This campground is nestled inside one of the state’s most idyllic state parks. Since it is situated between the two major cities of Columbus and Cleveland, it is also a convenient option for families that are looking for a fun place to spend a week without straying too far from home. 

The Mohican State Park campground has a variety of options for campers, including deluxe cabins, nearly 100 campsites, and even primitive camping areas where there are shelters available. The cost for campsites vary, but the average rate is about $30 per night.

Some of the amenities available at this campground include showers, flush toilets, a playground, pool, splash pad, volleyball, and basketball courts. Young campers often enjoy heading to the camp store, where they can pay to go gem mining for an afternoon. 

In addition to all of these classic camp activities, you will be able to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at this picturesque campground. Mohican State Park is home to a 27-mile river that is calm and peaceful, making it a popular spot for canoeing and kayaking.

The hiking trails that wind throughout the park offer some of the most breathtaking views in the state… and don’t be surprised if you discover a waterfall or two while you are out exploring.

Mohican State Park | photo via @maddieindre

Beaver Creek State Park Campground — The Top Spot for a Rugged, Rustic Adventure

If you are looking for an opportunity to get back to your roots and experience nature in an unforgiving way, then the Beaver Creek State Park Campground should be at the top of your Ohio campground list.

This campground is situated in the heart of the state park, which is located near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains along the eastern border of Ohio. 

This is one of the smaller state park campgrounds in Ohio, and it is often recommended for experienced campers who prefer to spend most of their time in the natural elements. There are 45 campsites on the family campground, only six of which are electric. Each campsite features a picnic table and a fire pit, but there are no flushing toilets or showers on location.

For those who are not looking for a campsite for their tent or camper but still want to enjoy the authentic experience at Beaver Creek, there are three rustic cabins available for rental. It’s worth noting, however, that while these cabins have electricity, they do not have running water. 

Beaver Creek State Park is an isolated park in which most visitors come to experience the great outdoors. One of the most popular activities in this campground is hiking along the trails and exploring the abandoned pioneer village that is located within the park’s borders. 

Beaver Creek State Park Campground | photo via @beckybutler4

Paint Creek State Park — The Place to go Camping in Ohio and Immerse Yourself in Nature

Paint Creek State Park Campground is a large campground in Ohio that offers a variety of camping experiences for people of all interests and backgrounds. Located south of Columbus and east of Cincinnati, this campground is ideal for those who are looking for a southern Ohio camping adventure. It is particularly beautiful during the late fall when the leaves change color from green to gold, orange, and red. 

The campground at Paint Creek State Park consists of nearly 200 campsites that accommodate tents or campers and feature electric or full hook-up. There are a few luxury campsites available that include a premium deck. There also are two camper cabins available at the family campground, which are ideal for those who prefer to stay in a structure rather than in their RV or tent.

Those who stay at the family campground will enjoy a beautiful stay in nature without sacrificing the luxuries that they have become accustomed to in daily life, as this campground includes shower houses, flush toilets, and a laundry facility. Many campers can often be found playing basketball on the basketball courts.

Pike Lake is perhaps the most popular attraction at this campground, and fishing, boating, and swimming are allowed. In addition, campers often find themselves exploring the hiking trails in search of the 75-foot gorge in the park. It’s also fun to go exploring the Seven Caves area.

Paint Creek State Park | photo via @eleanoroursilverbubble

Hocking Hills State Park — A Camping Destination that is Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Hocking Hills State Park was once a hidden gem in Ohio that was really only known to locals, but now it has become a national treasure that people from across the country are flocking to experience. Camping is perhaps the best way to experience the idyllic park, which is filled with canyons and waterfalls. 

The Hocking Hills State Park Campground has nearly 170 campsites, 156 of which are electric while just 13 are not electric. While the park itself is a rustic wonderland filled with incredible rock formations, flowing falls and bubbling brooks, the campground has many state-of-the-art features that allow visitors to feel as if they are staying at a resort in the wilderness.

In addition to heated showers and flushed toilets, the campground also has a swimming pool, playground, and game room as well as a volleyball court and horseshoe pit.

When you aren’t enjoying the facilities at the campground, you will likely find yourself exploring this 2,000-acre park. There are various hiking trails located throughout the park, but it’s important to select a trail that suits your personal skill level.

Some trails are more treacherous than others, and you are going to want to be able to safely navigate the terrain. On almost any trail, however, you will be afforded magnificent views, as this park is famous for its cliffs, waterfalls, rivers, and streams.

P.S. If you prefer glamping to camping, check out the Hocking Hills Cherry Ridge Retreat.

Hocking Hills State Park | photo via @fmmw

Crystal Rock Campground — An Ohio Campground That Offers Authentic Experiences and Fun-Filled Activities

Crystal Rock Campground is a private campground in Sandusky, Ohio that is situated near some of Ohio’s best tourist attractions, including Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island as well as the famed amusement park Cedar Point. With dozens of campsites available, this campground is known for its affordable rates and its first-class amenities.

While the modern restrooms are definitely a draw for families who want to make the most out of their time in Sandusky, there are additional amenities on-site, such as a community fire pit, a playground with a sandbox, a recreation center, and a corn hole area. 

Tappan Lake Park Campground — The Best Campground in Ohio for Those Who Love to be on the Water

With more than 500 campsites and a lake anchoring the campground, it comes as no surprise that Tappan Lake Park Campground is a favorite among Ohio campers. Located south of Cleveland in the eastern portion of Ohio, this campground is beloved by those who like to be on the water. There are opportunities to go boating, fishing, swimming, and more.

Of course, landlubbers will find ways to have fun at the basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and nature center. There’s even free Wi-Fi on-site, so you don’t have to truly disconnect while you are soaking up the beauty of eastern Ohio. 

Hocking Hills State Park | photo via @micahj.pix

FAQs About Camping in Ohio

Camping in Ohio is becoming increasingly popular, particularly as more people begin to discover the potential of this oft-overlooked Midwestern state. Whether you are heading to an Ohio campground for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran, you may have a few questions about your next camping experience.

Check out our FAQ section to get all the answers you need in order to have an incredible experience camping in Ohio.

What are the Best Ohio State Parks?

Ohio is filled with incredible state parks. Some of the most popular state parks in Ohio include Mohican State Park, Hocking Hills State Park, and Alum Creek State Park.

Are State Parks in Ohio Open for Camping? 

Yes, many of Ohio’s state parks are open for camping. You can often make reservations up to 6 months in advance for your deserved campsite.

Where Can You Tent Camp in Ohio?

Tent camping in Ohio is very popular, and most state parks have opportunities for tent camping. You also may find various private campgrounds around the state that have tent camping options available.

Which Ohio State Parks Have Full Hookups? 

Most of Ohio’s state parks have full hookups. This includes Mohican State Park and Paint Creek State Park as well as Hocking Hills State Park.

Where are Primitive Camps in Ohio?

Several Ohio state parks offer primitive camping. One of the most popular spots for primitive camping is Mohican State Park. 

More to Explore While Camping in Ohio

From April to October, Ohio campgrounds are full of RVs and tents, as Ohio residents and tourists alike enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in Ohio. Many Ohio campers also love to hike in Ohio, enjoy the best ice cream in Ohio, and those camping in the fall won’t want to miss the best places to enjoy Ohio fall colors near their favorite Ohio campgrounds!

Tell us… which Ohio campground is your favorite? What are your favorite things to do while camping in Ohio?

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