6 unintentional packing tips to help you travel light

Although these tips may seem like a random assortment, they are the kinds of things you learn by accident or out of necessity. These have become tips I use regularly on my travels. I call these my “unintentionally-learned” packing tips. Every traveler has these types of tips, and is usually more than willing to share things they learned (and sometimes learned the hard way.)


They don’t take up much space, but you don’t have to bring a ton of pairs if you use this trick. You can wash them in the sink with a little body wash, but some pairs take much longer to dry than others. One type of underwear that dries quickly is all-lace panties. Some all-lace panties come with a cotton strip that can be washed easily and dries quickly.

To read the rest of my tips, read my full article on Travel Fashion Girl.

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