5 things I love about the Ohio State Fair

The Ohio State Fair is nostalgic for me as an Ohio baby.  We went as kids and teenagers, enjoying the food, rides, and concerts.  My sister even worked at the pork stand in high school.  It’s been a while since I’ve been, so I was excited to see if it was how I remembered it as a child.

The Fair runs through Sunday, August 4, and I was happy to have received some tickets to be able to enjoy the fair, compliments of the Ohio State Fair.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids (kids 5 and under are free).  Unlimited ride passes are $25 a person (totally worth it, in my opinion). Parking tickets are $5 per vehicle, and they offer wagon rides from the far away spots up to the front gate.

We went last week right when it opened and I’m happy to say it was better than I remembered.

1. The rides

First, the rides are amazing.  There are hardly any lines, and the rides are for thrill-seekers.  I’ve waited in 2 hour-long lines at Cedar Point for a 10-second ride that was just as good if not as good as some of these rides at the fair.

2. The food

We also enjoyed the cuisine.  I was most looking forward to a lemon shake-up.  Those are my favorite.

I also couldn’t wait to have a freshly-made corn dog.  There is something about a good, old-fashioned corn dog that just screams summer in Ohio.

After shotgunning cheese fries and going on the rides that make your stomach churn, I felt sick.  But, I definitely wanted an ice cream cone.  My niece said, “If you feel sick, why are you getting an ice cream cone?”  I said, “You don’t understand the fair, do you?”

Eat all the treats, ride all the rides… even if it makes you sick.

3. The nostalgia

I went with my sister, brother-in-law, their kids, and my husband.  We all had stories to tell from our childhood about what we used to do at the fair.  My husband reminisced that he worked at a Cash Explosion show years ago, and that’s where he learned he loves live events.  He manages live events now for his career.

My sister remembered working in the pork stand, in the hot summer, and her favorite part was walking around at night when the park was lit up.  To tell the truth, that was my favorite part, too!  It’s cooled off, and all the bright lights are beautiful!

4. The traditions

Of course, you have to see the Butter Cow.  It’s tradition.

From the Ohio State Fair’s website:

“The first butter cow and calf were featured at the Fair in 1903. Eventually, the butter cow and calf found a permanent home in the Dairy Products Building which was built in the 1920s. New cow and calf sculptures are created each year, reflecting positive ideals and cultural trends in Ohio, and have become a Fair tradition.”

5. The fun

It’s just fun.  You get to enjoy time with your family laughing on rides, eating until you’re sick, and walking around with the bright lights.  We had a great time.  We enjoyed each other’s company, and enjoyed the fair!

Have you been to the fair?  What do you love about it?

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